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With President Obama expected to announce new executive actions tightening the country's gun laws, Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich and Democratic consultant Mary Anne Marsh got into a heated exchange on America's Newsroom about the effectiveness of gun control.

Pavlich said that Obama should be focusing more on cracking down on straw purchasers instead of stripping "rights from law-abiding citizens," noting that prosecutions of straw purchasers are down 40 percent.

She also said that the gun advocacy groups like the National Rifle Association and the National Shooting Sports Foundation deserve credit for working to make sure people with mental health problems aren't able to get access to firearms.

"It's not the gun control lobby, it's the gun advocacy lobby that has done the most important work when it comes to mental health in this country."

Marsh shook her head with disbelief.

"Well if that's true Katie, then it didn't work. And people with mental illness and others...are able to buy guns, like the folks in San Bernardino, who got them in another state where those guns were allowed."

"Illegally," Pavlich interjected

"And what is the NRA doing now?" Marsh asked. "They are doing nothing, and people get that."

"That's not true," Pavlich said.

"The fact that nothing happened after Newtown is what turned everybody, because now the gun problem has gotten worse, not better, and it's the blood on everyone's hands in Congress that shows that," Marsh said.

"Their kids are getting shot at schools. They're getting shot at work. Everybody's getting shot and the answer is to buy more guns. That is crazy."

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