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A man on a New Year's Day hike with his family took a bad fall while descending a cliff in Malibu.

He couldn't walk, and they were still more than two miles from the nearest road.

But luckily, the founder of a fitness company who also happened to be a former ER doctor crossed his path.

Dan Reardon and Mark Martinez joined Fox and Friends to share the remarkable story of what happened next.

"He was pretty pale, sweaty, clearly in a lot of pain, so I kind of insisted I was going to help him get back to the main road," Dan said.

"We tried initially just to help him hop but after a couple of steps it was pretty clear that wasn't going to be effective ... So I suggested that he should jump on my back and I would carry him and get him to the road."

It was a team effort getting Mark back to the road, where he was received by an emergency crew, involving Mark's family and Dan's girlfriend. But it wouldn't have been possible without Dan's heroic effort.

Later, it turned out, Mark had suffered a broken leg and ankle. He expressed gratitude to Dan on the show for rescuing him.

"We're lucky to have seen him there," he said. "Who knows where I would be if he wasn't there or how long it would have took me to get back to the road."

"My pleasure," Dan replied.

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