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Donald Trump reacted on Fox and Friends Weekend to being featured in a propaganda video by the Somali terrorist group al-Shabaab.

Trump said that being "the frontrunner by a lot" means that "of course at some point" he will be used for propaganda. But he said that shouldn't stop anyone from speaking out.

"What does that mean--we're not supposed to speak about the enemy? Because if we do we're going to be in a propaganda?"

Trump said that terrorists will use anyone for propaganda, and added that Hillary Clinton's own husband was used in an ISIS recruiting video "and they really put him down as a degenerate."

He again called Clinton a liar for saying he was being used by ISIS recruiters and said the mainstream media should be "ashamed of themselves" for how they've been covering the story.

In the interview, he also repeated a charge that President Obama and Clinton's policies "created ISIS" and said that he would reverse Obama's executive actions on gun control.

Watch it above.

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