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A South Carolina-based photographer heard from a friend that a lot of people in his state would be getting guns for Christmas.

So the next day, he went to the local range to meet some of them as they tested out their new gifts and to see if he could take some interesting portraits.

Patrick Hall appeared on Fox & Friends Weekend to share some of the remarkable results and talk about the "eye-opening" experience.

(Credit: Patrick Hall/FStoppers.com)

Patrick Hall/FStoppers.com

(Credit: Patrick Hall/FStoppers.com)

(Credit: Patrick Hall/FStoppers.com)

(Credit: Patrick Hall/FStoppers.com)

"It was very eye-opening for me just to see how much diversity there was out there," he said.

"You had all walks of life from kids that enjoy just target practicing, to vets who served in wars, parents who were kind of skeptical about guns but were shooting for the first time. So it was really a wide range of people out there which I found really interesting, because it's very easy to imagine the type of person you would expect to be out there at the range."

Watch the video below for more about the shoot and check out more of his favorite images on his blog.

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