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Posted by Clement Uytterelst on Thursday, December 31, 2015

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A gang of out-of-control teens pushed a car down a huge flight of stairs at a subway station in Brussels on New Year's Eve.

Amazingly, no one was hurt, even though the teens pulled the brazen stunt while the station was open to the public.

Officials were forced to close the station and remove the car by placing it on a special train, according to ABC News.

Brussels police say they have arrested one person suspected to have been involved in the incident, according to a local news station.

Check out video of the immediate aftermath below.



Posted by Clement Uytterelst on Thursday, December 31, 2015

One Brussels lawmaker expressed his outrage about the incident, which happened as the country was on high terror alert since the Nov. 13 attacks in Paris.

"It is not only not funny, but what is the most frightening it is to imagine that it is possible to take a car in the underground despite the warnings of level 3 AND 4, the presence of the military, the many cameras," Jamal Ikazban said, according to the Daily Mail.

"Let us imagine for a moment that same car full of explosives in the subway and you will understand that we are entitled to ask ourselves the question of the effectiveness of all these new security measures."

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