WARNING:  Video contains profanity and content that may be upsetting.

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Dramatic body cam footage shows police officers tasing a blowtorch and blade-wielding man who set fire to a Utah home during a New Year's Eve domestic dispute.

The video released Friday shows West Jordan police officers kicking in a door to enter the home, where they find the suspect shortly after he set fire to the home.

Police identified the suspect in the incident as 36-year-old Brandon Morgan, who is currently in custody at the Salt Lake County Jail.

Officer Ian Adams said: "It was a very chaotic situation. Initially only two officers arrived and contacted the suspect inside the home, third officer arrived shortly thereafter, and those three were engaged in a fight with the suspect inside while the fire was still burning, taking the whole house."

Two family members made it safely out of the home prior to the fire. Four family pets, three dogs and a cat, were killed in the blaze.

A GoFundMe page was set up to help the family during this difficult time.

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