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As he enters his last year in office, President Obama is refocusing on confronting "our epidemic of gun violence," saying he gets too many letters, including from responsible gun owners, "to sit around and do nothing."

In his weekly address, Obama said he plans to meet with AG Loretta Lynch to discuss ways to keep guns out of the hands of a "dangerous few."

This could entail an executive action that could expand background checks to include more small-scale gun sellers.

On Fox and Friends Weekend, Fox News Contributor Katie Pavlich said it's "amazing" that the president is using terrorism as an example of why we need more gun control, when most Americans are against it.

"Americans feel the opposite," she said. "Americans feel like they are vulnerable. They feel like they want to have more access to firearms in order to defend themselves."

Pavlich said that the strategy of pursuing expanded background checks is flawed.

"Background checks aren't going to do much to stop terrorism, not to mention deter criminals. So I'm not sure President Obama is doing this in a way that's actually going to have an effect."

Watch the full interview above.

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