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Donald Trump slammed the editor of New Hampshire's largest newspaper, alleging that he asked for a favor to help New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. 

In a phone interview on "On the Record," Trump targeted Union Leader publisher Joseph McQuaid, who wrote in a scathing editorial Monday that Trump is insulting voters' intelligence.

Trump said that McQuaid, whose paper has endorsed Christie, asked Trump to tweet in support of the governor being on the main stage of a recent GOP debate. 

"Can you believe it? ... I actually did it for the guy," said Trump, adding that he also agreed to have lunch with McQuaid. 

"Who does these things for somebody and instead they give you negative instead of positive?" he asked. 

Trump then went on to call Christie a "failed governor" and blamed him for possibly costing Mitt Romney the 2012 election by publicly embracing President Obama after Superstorm Sandy. 

"He's failed miserably in New Jersey. They've had nine or 11 downgrades," said Trump, again calling out Christie over the "Bridgegate" scandal. 

Watch the full interview above, as Trump also talked about his recent back-and-forth with Hillary Clinton.

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