Peters: 'Young, Military-Age Muslim Males Aren't Refugees'

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The State Department is taking heat this week after spokesman John Kirby listed "bringing peace" to Syria as one of its major accomplishments of 2015.

The bullet point among a long list read: "Bringing Peace, Security to Syria. #2015in5words."

Critics quickly pushed back against the claim, noting that Syria remains plagued by violence with Bashar al-Assad still in power, and that ISIS still controls territory.

Fox News strategic analyst Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (Ret.) reacted on "America's Newsroom," pointing out that all administrations "spin and slant" things, but not like the Obama administration has done. 

"We've never before had an administration that is so consistently duplicitous, so fundamentally at-its-core dishonest with the American people. It's stunning to hear. Even Richard Nixon's administration didn't come close to this level of consistent dishonesty," said Peters.

He noted that the State Department is also claiming that the Iran nuclear deal has been a great success. 

But Peters said Iran is now "running wild across the Middle East," taunting U.S. ships in the Persian Gulf and still holding American hostages. 

Watch his full take above.

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