There are new questions being asked about why police made no arrests following violence and mayhem among more than 1,000 teenagers at a mall in Louisville, Kentucky, last weekend.

The first calls to police came in at around 7pm ET on Saturday, with teens harassing shoppers and loitering in stores.

Dozens of other calls quickly followed, with four police departments responding to large fights. Stores shut their doors and gates to keep the rioters out.

There were unconfirmed reports of shots being fired. Responding officers who showed up were pelted with garbage and other items at various points, Trace Gallagher reported on "The Kelly File."

No officers were injured and the rioting teens were sent home, instead of being arrested.

The mayor of St. Matthews, Richard Tonini, said arrests would have only incited the crowds and made things worse.

Tonini said some of the kids were "mouthy" and "belligerent" toward police, but he agreed that arrests would not have been the appropriate response. 

Fox News legal analyst Mark Eiglarsh disagreed, saying a bad message was sent to the rowdy teenagers.

"They hear the message loud and clear: the police are soft on crime," he said. 

Eiglarsh said he believes there's a "Ferguson effect" occurring among police officers, who don't feel they will be supported by "higher-ups" if an arrest turns violent. 

Watch footage of the riots below.

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