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Is Stephen Colbert's liberal point of view hurting "The Late Show" in the late-night ratings war? 

When Colbert debuted in September, replacing David Letterman, the CBS show was 364,000 total viewers behind the Jimmy Fallon-hosted "Tonight Show" on NBC. 

But since then, viewers have turned away from Colbert. By the week of December 14th, Fallon's ratings lead over Colbert had ballooned to 1.5 million total viewers.

Some are now asking whether politics has something to do with it. Republican late-night viewers say they're opting for Fallon and ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

Here's the breakdown of a recent poll that showed Fallon and Kimmel viewers split pretty evenly along political lines, while Colbert's audience leaned much further left. 

Brian Kilmeade discussed the trend with former "Tonight Show" producer and author Dave Berg, who said Jay Leno and Johnny Carson always tried to be "equal opportunity abusers" with their political jokes.

"Over the years, Letterman slipped more and more [in the ratings] as he allowed his liberal views to come out," said Berg.

Kilmeade and Berg pointed out that when Ted Cruz sat down with Colbert he was challenged repeatedly by the host, while Democrats like Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden were not faced with the same tough questions. 

Watch the discussion above and let us know: which of the shows do you prefer?

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