Authorities believe a man who plummeted off a California cliff to his death may have been distracted by his electronic device. 

Anita Vogel reported the latest on "America's Newsroom" on the tragic accident, which took place Dec. 25 at Sunset Cliffs, a popular picture-taking spot in San Diego.

Witnesses said 33-year-old Joshua Burwell, a resident of Sheridan, Ind., appeared to be looking at something in his hand - presumably a cell phone or camera - before he fell over the edge. 

“(He) wasn't watching where he was walking, he was looking down at the device in his hands," said San Diego Lifeguard Bill Bender.

Authorities and bystanders responded quickly and performed CPR, but Burwell could not be saved.

It's unclear at this time what Burwell was holding in his hand, since no device has been located.

Vogel said there are many warning signs around the cliffs, urging visitors to use extreme caution.

Two other people have died there in the past year in suspected picture-taking mishaps near the edge of the cliffs.