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Fans and animal rights activists went after country music superstar Miranda Lambert after she shared a photo of herself wearing a floor-length fur coat. 

The furor erupted over the weekend after Lambert wrote on Instagram that the coat was a family heirloom just given to her for Christmas by her grandmother.

A follow-up shot showed Lambert with her "nonny," Wanda Coker, whose name was embroidered inside the coat. 


Lambert founded MuttNation, an organization devoted to ending animal cruelty, neglect, and homelessness.


Many of her Instagram followers, however, immediately ripped into her over the fur coat pic, claiming she's a hypocrite.

Other commenters called the coat "disgusting," and accused Lambert of supporting the murder of animals. 

Supporters jumped to Lambert's defense in huge numbers as well: "Get over it you fur-haters!! It's a family heirloom.....just because you don't, won't, would never purchase or wear a fur - don't jump down the throats who enjoy the beauty. You simply take yourself and your issues WAY TOO SERIOUSLY....chill out !!!" said one fan. 

PETA Vice President Lisa Lange said in a statement that the organization had "higher hopes," according to ET

"Since Miranda rescues dogs, we always thought she could see that whether fur comes from a mink, a fox, or a dog or a cat in China, the source is always a gentle animal who did not want to die," said Lange.

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