BRANDI CHIN of Fairfield Pennsylvania st. If this isn't animal abuse I don't know what is.

Posted by David Shields on Saturday, December 19, 2015

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California police are looking for a woman who was caught on tape (above) throwing a small dog by its tail onto pavement

In a shocking surveillance video that's gone viral in the past few days, 31-year-old Brandi Chin hurled the pug by its tail at a man who was said to be her boyfriend. 

A witness said the assault on the animal occurred during a heated argument between Chin and the man.

Surveillance video outside a home in Fairfield captured the incident. Chin grabbed the pug and left the scene before anyone could stop her. 

She's now wanted by authorities for animal cruelty and is said to have abused the dog in public in the past. 

FOX 40 reported:

Sergeant Michael Ramirez with Solano's Humane Animal Services told FOX40 his agency knows who the woman throwing the pug is.


Brandi Chin is the suspect authorities are trying to find and believe has abused this dog before.

"We are currently looking for her at this time. She is, from what I understand, hiding from us," Ramirez told FOX40. "She was recently seen walking down a business district in Fairfield, and she apparently had the dog by the tail and she was swinging it around."

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