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An Iraq War Marine veteran turned New York firefighter was a lifesaver on Christmas Day when he crawled through flames to rescue a teenager trapped in a burning apartment building.

The Yonkers Fire Dept. was responding to a call from teenage girl Friday morning. After seeing her hanging out the window, they made the decision to go inside to make the rescue.

They broke down the apartment door and Lt. Danny Nee and two other firefighters went in. Nee found the girl, took off his air mask and put it on her face, before he and other firefighters got her out of the building and into an ambulance.

He was treated for smoke inhalation, and she's expected to make a full recovery.

Nee insisted on "Fox & Friends Weekend" that he was just part of a team effort.

"It wasn't just one person. So many people had different roles to play and did a great job that day. It was such a collaborative team effort, it was awesome."

When asked if his military experience prepared him for something like this, he said: "Maybe."

“I love being able to help people,” he told a newspaper on Friday. “It’s a blessing any day, but it’s even more of a blessing on Christmas.”

Watch the interview above.

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