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On "Fox News Sunday," Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee spoke of the anger of Americans, while responding to a question from host Doug McKelway about the "coarsening of the culture":

It's not so much the coarsening, it's the anger. The seething rage of the electorate right now. People are so mad, and Doug, I can understand a lot of it. They feel like that this government is completely oblivious to protecting them. They go through metal detectors, they take their shoes off to get on the plane to go see Grandma at Christmas. And yet, here comes a terrorist coming in, who passes all kinds of background checks and goes and shoots up a Christmas party after her husband has sat there and had lunch with their fellow employees. People see that and they're angry, they're angry at the fact that there's a handful of people who get richer and richer, a lot of people work harder and harder, they've got nothing to show for it. There is frustration. They're frustrated when they watch Republicans pass a huge, multi-trillion dollar spending bill that doesn't defund Planned Parenthood, that welcomes Syrian refugees, that doesn't do a thing about Obamacare, (and) basically gives the Democrats everything they want and gives the Republicans nothing. So what I'm seeing is that people are just so incredibly angry, and understandably so.

The former Arkansas governor also stood by an ad critical of rival Sen. Ted Cruz's comments on same-sex marriage.

He was asked whether the pro-Huckabee ad’s editing was selective. The super PAC ad cuts Cruz off before he explains that one of his "top three" priorities is defending the Constitution, which cuts across a number of issues including religious liberty.

“No, not at all,” Huckabee said. “And there’s nothing selective, there was nothing deceptive. The point is that in Iowa he’s made a major point, and he’s pitched to evangelicals as a person who is utterly authentic, he’s going to fight for religious liberty, he’s going to protect the right of people to disagree with decisions on same-sex marriage. But that’s not what you heard in that Manhattan fundraiser and that's the only thing that I have pointed out.”

Huckabee also said that he wasn't ready to concede the race ("Not one person in all of America has even voted"), but that he would support Trump if he’s the nominee, saying: "The Party better be loyal to whoever the nominee is. Be it me, be it Donald Trump. And that has to work that way, otherwise we have no system, nothing at all."

Watch the full interview above.

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