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Donald Trump phoned into "Fox and Friends Weekend"  to comment on being labeled a sexist by Hillary Clinton, redirecting that attack against her husband.

Trump took to Twitter Saturday night to slam Clinton by citing her husband’s history of marital infidelity and alleged sexual misconduct. He used the same phrase --  "penchant for sexism" -- that was used by Clinton in response to Trump saying she got "schlonged" in her 2008 primary loss to Barack Obama.

Trump said his tweet about the former president, who will soon head onto the campaign trail with the former First Lady, was "fair game."

"His presidency was really considered to be very troubled, to put it mildly, because of all of the things that's she talking to me about."

The GOP front-runner said that Hillary has got to be "careful" and that the presidential contest must be waged fairly.

"We all have to fight fairly, and we have to fight for the good of the country, for the good of the people, for the good of everybody," Trump said.

He added that Clinton is "playing the woman's card, and it's like 'Give me a break.'"

Trump said that "women are more upset about it than anybody else."

Watch the interview above.

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