LINEUP: What You'll See on Fox News This Christmas Weekend

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The hosts of "Fox and Friends Weekend" shared some festive photos from their Christmas holiday on today's show.

Anna Kooiman celebrated with husband Tim and their dog Baxter. Baxter dug into a box filled with kibble to find a brand new toy.

White House Correspondent Ed Henry shared a photo of his wife Shirley, son Patrick and daughter Mila.

Ed said of his kids: "They're in those kind of teenage years, where sometimes during Christmas they're happy to be with you, the rest of the time they want to put on the headphones and work on the iPhone. But we had a wonderful family Christmas and it's really great to be with everybody around the holidays."

Special host former Sen. Scott Brown shared a photo of everybody at his home after they stuffed themselves on Chinese food and played some Bingo.

Scott said: "I know they're all watching, so love you guys."

And last but not least, Senior Meteorologist Janice Dean said she was up about 4:30 in the morning because her young sons Matthew and Theodore get very excited about Christmas.

Janice shared a picture of herself in her elf hat and "ugly sweater"...

...and a loving note from Santa.

Watch the video above.

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