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An Air Force officer and his wife arrived at his parents' Indiana home for the holidays, and they brought a very special surprise -- a baby!

Video of grandmother Eva Goeb's amazed reaction made a huge splash on the Internet, racking up more than four million views since it was posted to YouTube less than a week ago.

"I have been dreaming that it was a girl," she says through tears of joy, as she takes Miranda and Donny Goeb's newly adopted daughter Lily into her arms.

Eva and Donny joined "Fox and Friends Weekends" to share more about the priceless moment when she first laid eyes on Lily and realized that she was a grandmother.

"My husband had told me that Donny surprised us and that's all he told me," Eva said. "I came around the corner...and I looked first at Donny and then I looked at Miranda, and realized she was holding a baby in her hands. I knew that they had begun the adoption process but I didn't know how far along it had come."

Watch the interview above.

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