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A terrible situation was narrowly avoided when a camera drone fell and just barely missed a champion skier who was in the middle of his slalom run. 

Austrian Marcel Hirscher was racing at the World Cup event in Madonna di Campiglio, Italy, when the device came crashing onto the slope just feet behind him.

Hirscher, an Olympic silver medalist in Sochi, ended up finishing second in the event and said he didn't even notice what had happened while he was skiing. 

After the incident, International Ski Federation officials said they would move to ban the camera drones from operating during races.

AP reported:

FIS had agreed on the use of the drone at Tuesday’s slalom but the pilot wasn’t allowed to fly the camera directly over the race course.

“He did not follow our instructions,” the race director said. “He had to fly outside of the race track and follow the racer from a 15-meter (50-foot) distance. Then there would have been a margin and nothing could have happened.”

Drones have been used many times before at ski races. The ski federation said the new technology was aimed at enhancing the experience for TV viewers as it provides moving pictures from an overhead angle which regular cameras can’t shoot.

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