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Greta Van Susteren called out Marco Rubio for being one of only two senators who did not show up to vote on the $1.8 trillion spending bill.

"What was so important that last Friday, when we had a $1.8 trillion vote in the U.S. Senate, a spending bill, you were one of two Senators who didn’t show up?" she asked.

Rubio said the outcome was already "predetermined" and that the massive bill represents what is wrong with Washington. 

"I'm running for president so that this doesn't happen again," said Rubio, who decided to stay on the campaign trail in Iowa instead.

Rubio said the omnibus bill was "put together in 48 hours and rammed down the throat of Congress."

Van Susteren asked Rubio whether he should have still made sure he was present - as some of his rivals were - to vote against the legislation.

Rubio, who has said he will not run for re-election in the Senate, again answered that he's only focused on winning the presidential race so Congress no longer is faced with those types of bills.

Watch the full interview above.

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