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In his first public comments since he resigned more than a year ago, former Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said that the White House had no strategy on how to defeat ISIS, and the administration tried to "destroy" him.

Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer (Ret.) said on "The Kelly File" that he believes Hagel is telling the truth.

Shaffer explained that there's been a fundamental problem with the Obama administration denying facts on the ground when they conflict with their political agenda.

"There's been multiple tactical failures based on the White House ... essentially micromanaging everything," Shaffer said. "This is not new. This has been a continued pattern of the current White House with the current Pentagon. They continue to interfere at the tactical level."

Shaffer asserted that tactical commanders are forced to get White House approval to do anything, which severely hinders their effectiveness.

Shaffer said that the Pentagon has to fight wars based on the truth, not the political desires of the White House.

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