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Here's the latest embarrassment for the reeling Secret Service, which has been beset by controversy in recent months.

A Secret Service agent's gun, badge, radio, handcuffs and flash drive were stolen from his personal vehicle in Washington, D.C., on Monday, according to police.

The agent's belongings were reportedly taken from his car while it was parked in downtown Washington around 4 p.m. ET.

A report filed hours later with the Metropolitan Police Department describes the agent returning to his car and noticing "a bag with the listed property was taken out of the vehicle."

The report lists the stolen items as: a black Sig Sauer handgun, an APX6000 radio, handcuffs, a USB flash drive, a black Patagonia bag and a Secret Service badge, number 1266.

There are no details about what was on the stolen flash drive.

Watch the report above.

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