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On "The Five" today, Greg Gutfeld said that Hillary Clinton's holiday-themed video that slams the GOP actually reveals the left's "fatal weakness."

He noted that the Dr. Seuss-inspired clip brings up all the areas where Republicans are allegedly "evil": ObamaCare, immigration, Planned Parenthood, climate change, Wall Street reform.

"They left out the part where they eat old people, unwed mothers and babies," Gutfeld quipped. "But strip away the premise and what do you got? A party in dangerous denial."

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He pointed out there is no mention of terror anywhere in Clinton's video, and there's very little on the Democratic campaign trail.

"In their world, all that exists are American evils, to be fixed by government intrusion, identity politics and punitive legislation," Gutfeld said. "They'd rather win an election, than win a war."

He said that Clinton's video reveals the left's "fatal weakness": They can't protect us.

"So, the scariest part in this ad isn't that they skip over a death cult. It's that the ad will actually work," Gutfeld said. "Indulged by the sheer progress of the world's greatest culture, we are blind to the retrogression of a patient evil."

"Yes, we, the great ones, have our free health care, our funded abortions, our sanctuary cities. But a nation of ostriches, blind to what rises from the sand. We willingly forfeit our right to exist. It was fun while it lasted."

Watch the "Five" co-hosts discuss above.

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