No matter how big or small, your actions can make a difference.

That was evident in stories that Fox News brought to you throughout the year, as Americans lent a hand to save lives and lift spirits.

From the men who heroically foiled a terror attack on a train in France, to volunteers honoring wounded vets with special parking spaces, check out some of our favorite "everyday heroes" of 2015.

WATCH: Megyn Interviews 3 Heroes Who Stopped France Train Attack

Back in August, U.S. Airman Spencer Stone, National Guardsman Alek Skarlatos, and Sacramento State University student Anthony Sadler suddenly found themselves in the spotlight when they tackled a gunman aboard a train in Europe, saving lives and becoming worldwide heroes.

Megyn Kelly sat down with those three American heroes shortly after the would-be terrorist attack.

The three friends told her how they believed God was with them that fateful day, and how the incident had changed their lives.

PHOTOS: A Slain Officer's Comrades Stood in for Him at His Daughter's Wedding

A group of police officers stood in for one of their fallen comrades at his daughter's wedding, walking the bride down the aisle and filling in during the father-daughter dance.

Pierce County, Washington, Sheriff's Deputy Kent Mundell was killed in the line of duty six years ago while responding to a domestic violence call.

See more photos of the heartwarming ceremony, here.

Navy Vet Swims Entire Mississippi River to Honor Gold Star Families

A Navy veteran this fall became the first American to swim the length of the Mississippi River.

28-year-old Chris Ring, a Navy SEAL who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, swam the final leg of his 2,552-mile journey in December.

But Ring's amazing achievement is secondary to his larger goal: Raising awareness for Gold Star Families, the designation given to loved ones of soldiers killed in combat.

Cops Buy 3 New Car Seats for Father Who Couldn't Afford Them


When a Texas police officer pulled over a car one day, he saw a very troubling thing: three young children were in the back with no car seats.

Rather than give the man citations for each missing seat, the officers decided the best thing to do was to buy three car seats. Other shift officers chipped in, and they all went to Walmart to buy the seats.

Police said the man was living in his car at one point and on that day, was using all his money for a hotel room for himself and the children.


READ: Good Samaritan's Note to Struggling Mom Goes Viral

A young Alabama mom says her day was made by a kind stranger when she couldn’t afford a co-pay on her son’s visit to the doctor.

The stranger, overhearing the conversation in the doctor’s office, handed an envelope to Melissa Simms’ son with a $100 bill and a note inside.

“I’ve had days like you are having today. Hang in there,” wrote the woman.

She then cited Joshua 1:9 from the Bible.

Mom Hosts Thanksgiving Dinner for Marines Who Couldn't Make It Home

They served their country, so one Florida mom served them.

Heidi Barfield and her family welcomed more than a dozen U.S. Marines who couldn't make it home for Thanksgiving to their dinner table.

"These young men and women have written a blank check to the United States of America for up to and including their life," an emotional Barfield said. "And if it came to that, could we peel and extra potato or a 40-pound turkey? You bet."

Cop Buys Diapers, Shoes and Clothes for Mother of 6 Who Was Caught Shoplifting

A Kansas police officer went above the call of duty and used his own money to help out a homeless mother who was caught shoplifting.

Sarah Robinson, who has six daughters, ran out of diapers for her two-year-old twins. In desperation, she tried stealing diapers, baby wipes, children's clothes and shoes from a Roeland Park Walmart, but was caught.

Officer Mark Engravalle let Robinson go with just a citation for misdemeanor theft, then went back in with her and the children to purchase the items.

WATCH: Calif. HS Student Jumps In to Stop Attack on Blind Classmate

(Warning: the video contains profanity.)


A California high school student was praised around the country after a viral video showed him stopping an attack on a partially blind classmate.

The attacker, who was seen punching the visually impaired teen in the head during a lunch-hour fight, was arrested on a misdemeanor battery charge and released to his parents.

Watch: U.S. Coast Guard Rescues Dog From Icy Waters

Dramatic video shows a lucky Labrador retriever being saved from icy waters in Frankfort, Michigan, by the U.S. Coast Guard.

The daring rescue, which only took an estimated 24 minutes, was captured on video by a worker at the nearby Oliver Art Center.

Volunteers Honor Wounded Vets with Purple Parking Spaces

Armed with purple paint and rollers, volunteers went to work to help designate pre-arranged parking spaces for men and women who were injured in combat.

The program was introduced by the Wounded Warriors Family Support organization, which hands out free parking signs to any establishment that wants them.

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