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Authorities have identified Lakeisha Holloway as the suspected driver who plowed into a crowd of people multiple times on the Las Vegas Strip Sunday night, killing one and injuring at least 37.

Sheriff Joesph Lombardo, with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, said at a news conference that Holloway, 24, was driving her 1996 Oldsmobile sedan with a three-year-old child as a passenger when she drove up on the sidewalk into pedestrians. Lombardo said that video appears to confirm that it was an intentional act.

Lombardo said that they are trying to gather more information on Holloway, who appears to have recently moved to Las Vegas from Portland, Oregon.

He revealed that investigators do not believe this to be an act of terrorism, but they are leaving that possibility open.

Holloway is facing charges for murder, attempted murder, fleeing the scene and child abuse.

Watch the news conference above.

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