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Every Sunday a Nashville church asks its members to donate $1 which they give to someone in need. The goal is to inspire generosity and paying it forward.

One of those people was Jessica Fox, a Wal-Mart employee with a tragic story who got a new car thanks to the initiative.

She appeared on "Fox and Friends" along with Cross Point Church Founder Pete Wilson to share her story.

Fox said the church's act of generosity changed her life completely.

"My daughters are smiling again because they can go to friends' houses. I have a way of going and getting them. We're not stuck in the house. I can make it to work. It's just knowing that you have that dependable vehicle just takes that weight off. The fact that I'm not having to wake up and worry about who am I calling today to bring me to work."

Wilson said it's amazing what people can accomplish with what he calls "no-strings generosity."

"We call it the Dollar Club. We challenge people to give just one dollar, because everybody can do that. And it's amazing to see what we can accomplish when we put all those dollars together and how you can make an impact with no-strings generosity. People just don't expect it." 

Watch the segment above.

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