A heartwarming story coming out of Chandler today. Thank you very much to Steffani for bringing this to our attention,...

Posted by FOX 10 Phoenix on Saturday, December 19, 2015

A good Samaritan shared a photo recognizing a firefighter for comforting a young boy by reading to him after a car accident in Arizona.

A person named Steffani shared the photo with Fox Phoenix, who posted it on Facebook.

Steffani said that she happened upon the scene, and because there were no emergency crew there yet, wanted to make sure everyone was okay. 

She wrote that she "sat with this sweet little boy until the 'good guys' came in their fire trucks to do a better assessment."

A little bit later, she captured a photo of one of Chandler's finest reading to the boy.

"Be kind to our first responders, they have a tough job, and they do it EXCEPTIONALLY well. Grateful to have witnessed this sweet tender mercy today," she wrote.

The photo was liked by more than 48,000 people since being posted on Dec. 19.

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