Here Are Our 15 Favorite Feel-Good Stories of 2015

WATCH: Older Vet Overcome With Emotion as He Reunites With Dogs

Talk about a party pooper.

A young boy brought a sharp halt to the wedding service of his parents in Australia when he shouted: "I need to poo!"

The wedding party burst into laughter, as an attendee swooped in and darted for the bathroom with the three-year-old.

"What just happened?" the stunned bride said through tears of laughter.

"Exactly what you thought just happened just happened, Hannah," the celebrant replied. "Just go with it."

"That is the definition of being upstaged, I reckon," she added, before carrying on with the ceremony.

The hilarious YouTube video has been watched more than 500,000 times since it was uploaded Dec. 10.

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