LOL Again at Some of the Most Memorable 'Watters' World' Moments of 2015

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Jesse Watters hit the New York streets to find out how regular people feel about ISIS.

Turns out some of them didn't know much or seem very concerned about the terror group.

Check out some interactions from last night's "Watters' World."

What do you guys think about ISIS?

"I feel as if we shouldn't really be worrying about our safety."

Do you remember 9/11?

"Oh, touché."

Is ISIS Islamic?

"They could be anything. They could be radical Christians. They could be radical Judaism."

Do you think we should kill ISIS before they kill us?

"I think that's just the wrong thing to do."

After watching the clip, Former Navy SEAL Officer Leif Babin said people's obliviousness about ISIS is "just crazy."

"Those people are going to get their heads cut off if ISIS has their way. And the only way to live in safety and security is to go put bullets in the heads of ISIS fighters, and we need to do that in large numbers."

Watch the clip above.

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