University of Central Florida professor Terry Fine says she has a solution to avoid being insensitive to absolutely anyone during the holiday season.

That is -- that instead of wishing someone a "Merry Christmas," "Happy Hannukah" or even "Happy Holidays" -- to say "Happy Federal Holiday."

In an opinion piece on the school's news site titled "A Holiday Greeting That Applies to Everyone," she wrote that it makes sense because people observe federal holidays equally whether they celebrate them or not.

"In our efforts to be inclusive, we show cultural insensitivity both by equating one major holiday (Christmas) with a minor holiday (Hannukah) and failing to recognize that diversity includes those who celebrate neither holiday."

"As long as we live in the United States, these federal and state holidays impact us equally so we might as well celebrate them equally, too," Fine wrote.

Her argument seems to dismiss the thousands of Americans who do in fact report to work on the holidays, federal or not.

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