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A brazen act of disrespect was caught on camera when an Arkansas high school student blew smoke in his teacher's face.

According to North Little Rock police, the teacher told the 18-year-old student that he would have to sit in the hallway to take his final exam — a request the student refused.

What happened next was stunning. Arkansas Online reported:

The teacher then warned the student that he would write him up and call for his removal from the classroom, according to the report. While reaching for the intercom button, the student said, "Hit that button, I dare you," the teacher told police.

After pushing the intercom button, the teacher said he looked away to write the student up for his actions and began to hear a "commotion" from students "going wild" in his classroom.

According to the report, the teacher turned around and saw that the student had "lit a cigar and was taking a drag off of it."

"[The student] then got up from his seat, walked up to [his teacher] and blew smoke in his face three times," the report stated.

That teenager hasn't been charged but could be expelled. The district's superintendent said the punishment will "be appropriate" for the offense.

The shocking YouTube video has been viewed more than 57,000 times since it was posted Dec. 15. Watch it above.

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