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On "Media Buzz," Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said that he has no campaign strategy other than "honesty" and telling "it like it is."

Howie Kurtz had asked the GOP frontrunner if his strategy was to dominate campaign coverage by saying things he knows would get a huge media reaction, like a plan to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the country.

The billionaire real estate mogul responded: "I have no campaign strategy."

"Do you know what my strategy is? Honesty. I say it like it is...and tell it like it is."

On his comments about Muslims, Trump said "the fact is that there's a problem."

"We're going to solve the problem. The way we're going to solve the problem is to air the problem. I air the problem."

He also said in response to media critics that he's the only candidate who speaks his mind and tells the truth.

Watch the clip above for part one of the interview, which touched on Vladimir Putin (likes him), Tom Brokaw (doesn't like him), his competition in the 2016 race and more.

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