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A Nebraska sergeant who jumped onto a moving truck to save an unresponsive driver joined “Fox and Friends Weekend” this morning to talk about the dramatic rescue.

Days ago, dashcam footage emerged of Madison County Sheriff’s Deputy Sgt. Todd Volk bravely leaping onto a swerving truck as it barreled down a highway.

The deputy had been directing traffic at the time, and first he wondered if something criminal was going on when the driver didn’t pull over.

But as Sgt. Volk looked closer, he quickly realized it was a medical emergency.

“I’d seen that the driver’s head was bobbing down, like he was passed out,” he told Anna Kooiman. “I just knew I had to do something.”

The deputy said he jumped in his truck and teamed with another deputy to get the door open and stop the truck before it could crash.

“As I got the door open, I yelled at him, ‘Hit the brakes, hit the brakes!’ and he did,” he recounted. “Then he kind of went back, kind of slumped back into his seat.”

Meanwhile, the deputy’s own car was about to swerve into a ditch. He quickly grabbed hold of the steering wheel to prevent another accident.

Thankfully, the man who was driving is now “feeling much better,” Sgt. Volk reported.

First responders said the driver was diabetic, and was later treated at a hospital.

Watch the interview above, and the full rescue video, below.

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