Armed Robbers Chased Off By ROTC Sharpshooter

WATCH: Brazen Home Invasion Caught on Camera

Two men attempting to pull off a home invasion in Georgia were thwarted when they found themselves confronted by the barrel of a gun.

What they didn’t know was that weapon was not a real rifle – and the person holding it is only 16.

Bayne Sample says he was home alone with his little brother when he first heard a noise at his front door. The teenager had been sitting on his bed, texting.

He immediately jumped to his feet and ran to investigate.

When he saw the two men in black hoodies entering his home, he cocked his gun, pulled it up, and took aim.

Then one of the burglars “put his hands up” and ran out, he said.

His father tells Fox 5 that his ROTC training helped keep him calm and alert during the scary situation.

“Taking ROTC in high school has helped him respond to situations and react correctly,” he said. “He didn’t panic.”

For the record, the family does in fact own real guns.

Watch this amazing teenager recreate the dramatic scene in the Fox 5 report, above.

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