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A Department of Veterans Affairs whistleblower is speaking out against the corrupt health care system that is failing our veterans.

Dr. Katherine Mitchell, who worked at the Phoenix VA hospital for 16 years, said on "Fox and Friends" that there have been changes within the VA system, but they haven't gone deep enough.

"The culture of retaliation, the culture of poor patient care, went back for so many decades and was suppressed for so long that it will take a tremendous amount of resources to improve it," Mitchell said.

She explained that low pay and the well-documented culture of retaliation have left the VA unable to attract the providers that they need.

"You risk your job only for reporting patient care deficits. You don't risk your job for retaliating against whistleblowers," Mitchell said, revealing that she knows seven physicians who have been victims of sham peer reviews after speaking out.

What about the proposal for a "universal card," which would give more veterans access to private care? Brian Kilmeade asked.

"I don’t want to see the VA privatized, but I do feel that if veterans are waiting they need to be able to get access to the care they need immediately," Mitchell said. "And if that means letting them go to the private sector, then that’s what we have to do until we fix the VA system and can handle the capacity and meet the demand of our veterans."

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