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MD Man Accused of Receiving $9K from ISIS to Stage U.S. Terror Attack

A U.S. Army veteran is expressing shock after realizing his image is being used in an ISIS propaganda video. 

Will Hammond, 35, now works in oil fields in Alberta, Canada, and spotted the photo of himself when it was posted on Facebook by a friend.

In the highly-produced video below, called "No Respite," Hammond can be seen in a picture that was taken by photojournalist Robert Nickelsberg in Afghanistan and selected as one of TIME magazine’s best photos of 2006.

Hammond, who also served in Iraq, is on the far right, holding a rifle, while a vehicle transports two injured soldiers after a mortar attack.

Over the photo, an English speaker declared that the U.S. "is now too weak to put boots on the ground" to fight ISIS.

Hammond joked that he wishes he could sue for royalties. He also said he hopes the U.S. does not get into another ground war in the Middle East.

“We tried to send troops in Iraq for 10 years and it didn’t work,” he said.

Read more at the New York Post.

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