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Charles Krauthammer reacted on "The Kelly File" to President Obama's latest "mechanical" remarks about the terror threat, in which he attempted to reassure Americans as the holidays approach. 

Obama, speaking at the National Counterterrorism Center, said officials "don't have any credible and specific information about an attack on the homeland."

He said Americans must remain "vigilant" and vowed that the country will not be terrorized following the attacks in Paris and San Bernardino. 

"We've prevailed over much greater threats than this. We will prevail again," said Obama. 

But Krauthammer said that each time the president makes one of these speeches, it seems to fall flat. 

He explained that Obama offers "nothing new" in these pronouncements and comes off like he's being forced to speak on the terror threat. 

"[It's] like he's reading from the phone book. Some of them are like a hostage tape, where he's being told he has to say this and he's reading this. There's no passion," said Krauthammer.

He noted that Obama has displayed passion on many other subjects: like climate change, the Trayvon Martin case, and when the president slammed Republicans for opposing the Syrian refugee program.

"He clearly is doing this because he's been told he has to do it. And it's clearly not working."

Watch the full discussion above, and tune in tonight at 9p/12a ET for a "Kelly File" special as Frank Luntz finds out what Republican voters are thinking. 

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