Ramey's Shocked Shot

The unbelieveable half-court alley-oop shot and Angela's shocked reaction when she realizes the ball went in the basket! Thanks Alex Matheson (videographer and BA dad) for capturing Angela Ramey and Grace last Friday, deciding who's going to take the shot to try to score half-off tuition next year. Angela throws the basketball granny style with her eyes closed, then screams in disbelief when the cheering students and staff convince her she scored. She's jumping amid 41,040 meals packed by 235 students during Friday's "Bethany Loves Bloomington" meal packing event Friday, a service project undertaken to help feed the hungry in Bloomington and the surrounding communities.The Ramey's won the chance for the half-court/half-tuition prize by being the family who raised the most money during the school's fundraiser.

Posted by Bethany Academy on Monday, December 7, 2015

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A Minnesota mom scored her daughter half-off next year’s middle school tuition with an amazing half-court shot.

Angela Ramey won the chance to shoot for her daughter’s tuition discount after helping raise the most money during the Bethany Academy’s food drive, the school said on Facebook.

Onlookers say she threw the ball in “granny style, with her eyes closed” – then said a quick prayer.

Her heave came up way short, with Ramey appearing to give up hope and look away.

BUT... the shot bounced perfectly and rattled into the basket, to thunderous cheers.

From the looks of it, Ramey was just as shocked as everyone else was, as she learned that the bounce-shot would still count!

Ramey’s hard-earned discount of the private school tuition is worth about $4,000, Heather Nauert said on “Fox and Friends” this morning.

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