Hillary Clinton appears to be trying to win over GOP voters.

The Democratic presidential candidate recently addressed Republicans during a campaign stop in Nebraska, a historically red state.

“First thing you’re gonna tell them, as best as you can tell, looking under the lights, I don’t have horns,” Clinton told supporters.

She repeated the same line in a recorded message for a voter’s father, who apparently supports GOP candidate Donald Trump.

The hosts of “Outnumbered” responded this afternoon to what they called Clinton’s new “charm offensive.”

“I don’t think it’s funny,” said Meghan McCain. “For me as a Republican, I don’t want another Obama administration.” 

Clinton certainly has a long way to go if she’s hoping to sway the Republican vote, said Pete Hegseth and Andrea Tantaros.

During the first Democratic debate, Tantaros added, Clinton implied “that Republicans have horns.”

“If your campaign slogan is 'Hillary Clinton 2016 No Horns'? I mean, you have a little bit of a problem," she quipped.

What do you think of Clinton’s new strategy? Watch and weigh in below.

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