Finally get to share one of the most beautiful and difficult pictures I've ever been asked to do. This is my wonderful...

Posted by Frantz Photography on Sunday, December 13, 2015

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A Louisiana photographer shared a beautiful photo that she produced for a friend who wanted to incorporate her late daughter into her wedding day. 

In a heartfelt post that's been picked up nationally this week, Ashley Frantz explained that her friend, Amanda, wanted her six-year-old daughter, Azalee, to be remembered in her wedding photos.

Azalee lost her battle with cancer two years ago.

"She went to heaven before her mommy met the most wonderful man named Chip," Frantz wrote.

"Heartbroken that her girl wouldn't be here to experience this new journey with her, Amanda asked me to please incorporate Azalee into the pics somehow. This is the 2nd shot I came up with and I couldn't be more pleased. It was such an honor to be able to do this for her and I'm so thankful God has given me a talent that I can use to make broken hearts just a tad less broken."

Frantz came up with a beautiful image of Amanda bending down to caress her daughter's face.

In a previous post, Frantz also described a moving part of the ceremony in which the couple released butterflies into the air in remembrance of Azalee.


Today at the ceremony, Amanda and Chip released butterflies in remembrance of their beautiful little Azalee. It was a...

Posted by Frantz Photography on Sunday, December 13, 2015


"As the butterflies flew up and away, one little beauty decided she wanted to stay a while. She landed right on Amanda (closest to her heart) and stayed while a heart-wrenching cry was shared between the bride and groom (and the entire congregation)," Frantz recalled.

On Tuesday, Frantz said she's having a hard time wrapping her head around all the attention being given to the photo.

"I am not as good as so many other photographers out there and that 'one' picture is certainly not even one of my best (as it was my first time to attempt such a task). But, thats because it wasn't a 'money shot' or done for any other reason than to help Amanda Crowe Freebird feel precious Azalee near on her special day," she explained.

See more of Frantz's work on her Facebook page.

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