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In her "Off the Record" commentary tonight, Greta Van Susteren called out Bernie Sanders for criticizing the media for ignoring his campaign.

"It’s no shock to me that big networks, which are controlled by a handful of large corporations, have barely discussed our campaign and the important issues we are bringing up," Sanders wrote in an email to supporters.

Greta pointed out that they ask Sanders all the time to appear "On the Record," but always get a giant, "No."

"Not only do we call you all the time, in just the last four months we've made nineteen interview requests in writing," Greta pointed out. "Bernie, give it a rest. You can get all the interviews you want. You just don't want some."

She explained that he doesn't have to do interviews, but he shouldn't act like he's being slighted by the national media.

"You're hiding!"

Watch more of Greta's "Off the Record" commentary above.

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