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Major U.S. theme parks, including Disney, SeaWorld and Universal Studios, are adding security measures to screen visitors, including metal detectors and increased bag checks.

None of the parks made clear exactly how long the new security procedures would last.

These measures actually should have been taken a long time ago, Dr. Sebastian Gorka said on "The Kelly File."

Gorka explained that citizens in countries like Israel and Egypt have been living with these kind of heightened security screenings for years.

"You cannot walk into a shopping mall in Tel Aviv without going through a metal detector," Gorka said. "Likewise, you cannot go into a hotel in Cairo without being screened."

"There is a war, and the jihadis want to kill us," Gorka said, explaining that terrorists are explicitly instructed to attack "soft targets" and large groups of people, in order to cause as much damage as possible.

"This is one very simple way to limit the accessibility to 'soft targets' by jihadis."

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