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This year’s so-called “scroogiest scrooges” have been called out by the Becket Fund, a nonprofit organization that advocates religious freedom.

Seven “offenders of holiday cheer” were shortlisted for the group’s so-called dishonorable Ebenezer Award.

One was a federal judge in Indiana, who reportedly upended a 45-year-old holiday tradition by banning the production of a nativity scene at a high school.

A similar scenario recently occurred in Kentucky, where a school’s production of “A Charlie Brown Christmas" was altered to remove all religious references.

No. 1 on the list? The Department of Veteran Affairs’ medical center in Salem, Virginia.

The Becket Fund says employees there were instructed to avoid "religious expression" in public areas in order to not be seen as sponsoring or endorsing one religion over another during the holiday season.

The hospital eventually relented on not allowing Christmas trees after it caused an uproar.

“Three cheers for taking the Christmas spirit from those who have fought for our freedoms – including {cough} religious freedom,” the group wrote.

See the full Ebenezer list, here.

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