Out-of-Control Skateboard Nails Reporter in Head on Live TV

Reporter Loses It When Rare Blue Whale Is Spotted During Live Interview

On "Fox and Friends" this morning, we heard from a Minnesota reporter who began his live report right after a suspected bank robber ran by him!

As the anchor tossed to Adam Sallet outside of the Rochester bank yesterday, a man could be seen sprinting toward the camera. 

As it turned out, that was a bank manager running after the suspect, who had just raced past Sallet while he waited to go on the air.

"What? Oh, that's the robber," Sallet said on the air.

"Uh, this is live TV, folks. That's the robber that just went by. I gotta go here and call 911. I'll talk to you later," said Sallet before moving off-camera.

The suspect was apprehended by police later in the day.

According to KIMT, 36-year-old Ryan Liskow had already robbed Sterling State Bank on Monday, and then tried to do it again on Tuesday.

Sallet said this morning that the reason the camera did not turn to record the suspect is because he does not have a cameraman with him on his live reports.

"I'm a one-man band," he said.

Sallet said he immediately called 911, then went live again a few minutes later to report on the unique situation. 

Hear what Sallet had to say in the interview above.

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