Greta: 'Shouldn't We Have a Rally Celebrating the Heroism of So Many Great Cops?'

Cops & Firefighters Surprise Fallen Officer's Children at School

For much of 2015, controversies surrounding American police officers dominated the national headlines.

So it can be all too easy for many to forget about the vast majority of brave men and women who keep us safe each day and about those who went out of their way to express their appreciation.

Here are just some of those moments that we shared with you in the past year.

'I'll Take a Bullet Before You Do': Watch CA Officer Lead Workers to Safety

Scene from inside building at San Bernardino shooting

San Bernardino Police confirmed that at least 14 people are dead and 17 people have been injured in the mass shooting in San Bernardino Wednesday. Police say there were up to three suspects who may have left the area in a dark-colored SUV. “They came prepared to do what they did as if they were on a mission," said San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan.Gabi Flores gave us permission to post this video from inside the Inland Regional Center, where the shooting took place. She is Consumer Services Coordinator there. In the video, you can see an officer leading the group to safety. At one point, he says: "Try to relax, try to relax. I'll take a bullet before you do, that's for damn sure."Here’s everything we know so far:

Posted by KPCC on Wednesday, December 2, 2015


A sheriff’s detective bravely reassured people during the San Bernardino terror attack.

“I’ll take a bullet before you do, that’s for damn sure,” San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Det. Jorge Lozano said calmly as he led terrified workers out of the Inland Regional Center.

Det. Lozano later went “On The Record” to speak out.

“I don't feel like a hero whatsoever,” he told Greta Van Susteren. “It's nothing short of what any other person in law enforcement would do.”

PHOTO: Veteran Police Officer Helps Fallen Runner Finish Marathon

SCMPD Sgt. John Cain helped this Rock n' Roll marathon runner across the finish line after he fell. #WhyIWearTheBadgeThank you Casey Jones for this photo! #RnRSAV #VisitSavannah

Posted by Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department on Saturday, November 7, 2015


A Georgia police officer helped a bloodied marathon runner who took a nasty fall 200 yards before the finish line.

Sgt. John Cain, a 27-year veteran with the department, said he could feel in his heart that Robert McCoy needed to finish the race.

So he did, with Cain at his side and a paramedic following on bicycle.

"I am just glad I was in a position to help him do that," Cain said. "He is an inspiration to me, he is the hero in this story."

Policeman Moved by Little Girl's Gift 'to Keep Him Safe'

Officer Ted E. Bear is dressed and ready for work today. Leonard Papania Chris Loposser Niccole A. Bodenschatz Kristin Stachura Allen

Posted by Josh McConnell on Sunday, December 6, 2015


A little girl's unexpected gift nearly brought one Mississippi police officer to tears.

She walked up to to Officer Josh McConnell while he was on patrol and handed him the brown teddy bear, saying it was to keep him safe.

Read more about the heartening tribute, here.

'His Life Matters': Black Officer and White Police Chief Share Powerful Photo


This summer, two Texas police officers of different races shared a powerful response to the Black Lives Matter movement.

To them, race doesn’t matter in law enforcement, Officer Givens later explained on “Fox and Friends.”

“We can’t stand behind officers that do bad things,” Chief Jones added. “However, the community and the nation can’t condemn every single officer just on the actions of a few.”

Watch more on the officers’ timely and powerful interview, here.

Cops Show Up With Awesome B-Day Surprise for Boy With Rare Disease

It is the dream of 7-year-old Ricky Buzo to grow up and become a police officer.

So when SWAT teams and local officers in Stockton, Calif., surprised him at his birthday party with balloons and a round of cheers, he was ecstatic.

Ricky was born with Hurler syndrome, a rare disease that doctors predicted wouldn’t let him live past age 5.

“Today has changed his life,” his mother, Lupe Buzo, told Fox 40.

Check out the adorable surprise, above.

6 Mourning Cops Got the Perfect Pick-Me-Up from a 5-Year-Old at McDonald's

It had been a somber day for police officers in the state of Kentucky, as they laid to rest State Police trooper Joseph Cameron Ponder, who was shot to death during a traffic stop.

Afterwards, six officers stopped at a nearby McDonald’s, where a five-year-old girl made their days by using her allowance to buy them ice cream.

8-Year-Old Girl Makes Crosses for Police Officers to Protect Them, 'Spread God's Word'

(Laura Nichols)

An adorable 8-year-old girl in Illinois made headlines for sending colorful handmade crosses to firefighters and police officers all around the country.

By late November, Arianna Nichols had given out more than 6,000 crosses, to officials serving across 33 different states.

Why does the little girl do it?

“To spread God’s word and to protect others,” she said, smiling.

Watch more of Arianna’s heartwarming personal message, here.

A Slain Officer's Sons Got Dad's Police Car Thanks to an Awesome Gesture

Colorado Deputy Sam Brownlee was killed in the line of duty five years ago.

His sons now have the keys to keeping their father’s memory alive, as the man who bought the officer’s old patrol car handed them over at an auction to raise money for other survivors’ families.

Watch the emotional moment, above.

'Police Officers Are People, Too': Black Man's Post About Traffic Stop Goes Viral

A black Arizona man’s Facebook post about his encounter with police went viral, but not for the reasons you might have thought.


So, I'm driving to my office to turn in my weekly paperwork. A headlight is out. I see a Tucson Police Department squad...

Posted by Steven Hildreth, Jr. on Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Steven Hildreth Jr. was pulled over while carrying his legal firearm. He went on to applaud the officers' professionalism in disarming him without incident.

"Police officers are people, too. By far and large, most are good people and they’re not out to get you," he wrote.

A McDonald's Customer Was Moved to Tears Over a Cop's Random Act of Kindness

I am in tears right now. I ran through the McDonald's drive thru on Morgan Road. This state trooper was in front of me....

Posted by Jenny Gilmore Reed on Friday, October 16, 2015


A McDonald's customer in Alabama took to Facebook after she watched a state trooper buy lunch for a homeless man. 

The officer explained to her that the man had not eaten in three days, and was trying to get to North Carolina when he picked him up along a highway. 

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