Who Won the Las Vegas GOP Debate? Twitter Reacts

WATCH: Rubio and Cruz Clash on Military Spending

Ted Cruz is being praised for a particularly strong performance tonight in the latest GOP debate in Las Vegas.

Sean Hannity said that besides staying strong on both national security and immigration fronts, Cruz stood out for not clashing with his fellow front-runner Donald Trump, as many had predicted.

The Texas senator spoke out on “Hannity” after the debate, saying that the tough military stance he continues to outline against ISIS has in large part been prompted by President Obama’s approach.

“The problem is, we don’t have a commander-in-chief who has set the objective to utterly and completely destroy ISIS,” he said, arguing that "ISIS is laughing at us" for the 15-30 daily airstrikes. 

“The media pretends the only way to fight this war is the way Barack Obama is doing it, which is utterly ineffectual.”

Right now, too many political leaders, from President Obama to Hillary Clinton to even “Washington Republicans” have lost focus in the war on terror, said Cruz.

“I think the American people are looking for someone who is clear-eyed, who has judgment, who has strength, who they can trust,” he added.

“And not to take their eye off the ball of what is needed, to protect the homeland.”

Watch the presidential contender’s full interview, above.

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