Judge Napolitano Talks Next Steps After Mistrial Declared in Freddie Gray Case

Judge Nap: Equal Evidence in Freddie Gray Trial Seems to Indicate 'Not Guilty'

Billy Murphy, the attorney for the family of Freddie Gray, went "On the Record" tonight after a judge declared a mistrial in the trial of the first of six Baltimore police officers charged in Gray's death.

Murphy told Greta Van Susteren that he's confident the case will be retried and there will be a conviction.

He argued that the prosecution should be encouraged by the fact that there were a number of jurors who believed that Officer William Porter should have been convicted.

Greta said that she wouldn't be as confident if she were sitting in the prosecutor's position.

"I wouldn't be encouraged if I were the prosecutor tonight and I had a deadlocked jury," Greta said. "I'd feel pretty rotten. The defense probably feels pretty good tonight."

Murphy insisted that 12 new jurors could see the case in an entirely different light and he's confident they will agree with prosecution's case.

"Billy, be honest about this," Greta pressed. "The prosecution said they had the evidence to go forward, that they had evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. They just got hit in the head with a deadlocked verdict."

"That in no way is a win for the prosecution."

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