Judge Napolitano Talks Next Steps After Mistrial Declared in Freddie Gray Case

Judge Nap: Equal Evidence in Freddie Gray Trial Seems to Indicate 'Not Guilty'

A former Baltimore cop who served with the six officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray joined Megyn Kelly tonight on "The Kelly File."

That officer, whose identity was protected and went only by "Mike," said that the defendants are in very good spirits and are ready for the process to be over with.

He explained that today's mistrial reinforces the importance of having faith in the system.

Mike said, however, that Baltimore state's attorney Marilyn Mosby will likely pursue a new trial because she's on a "witch hunt."

He revealed that he left the force because people immediately take sides against the police, making the job extremely difficult and dangerous.

"It goes beyond the police administration and the police leadership," Mike said. "This is a bigger problem within Baltimore city that, unfortunately, I don't think [is] going to be cured any time soon."

"The city doesn't have your back ... They're losing officers left and right."

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