Who Won the Las Vegas GOP Debate? Twitter Reacts

Trump Slams Jeb's 'Failed' Campaign: 'It's Been a Total Disaster'

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump appeared on “The O’Reilly Factor” tonight to react to the fifth GOP debate.

During the event, Trump had some strong words for both the debate moderators and his fellow candidate Jeb Bush.

Trump explained to Bill O'Reilly that he thought it was very unfair that so many questions were focused on him and pitted the other candidates against him, so he made his feelings known.

Trump added that he doesn't enjoy criticizing the other GOP candidates, as he did during his back-and-forth with Bush.

"I don't like saying bad things about him, but you have to understand, he struck first," Trump said. "Right from minute one, he came out and he attacked. So I attacked back."

"You are too thin-skinned," O'Reilly asserted, explaining that Trump, as a presidential candidate, should be subject to tough questioning and vetting.

Trump argued that he's not thin-skinned, he just wants the truth to be told about him.

As for criticism of his strong stance against illegal immigration and his proposed Muslim ban, Trump insisted that he's simply doing what's right.

"I say what's right. I say what's on my mind," Trump said. "And that's why I have 42 [percent in the polls] and guys like Bush have two."

Trump also stood by his controversial comments about "taking out" the family members of terrorists.

"I would do pretty severe stuff, as far as I'm concerned," Trump said.

Watch more from the "Factor" interview in the clips above and below.

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